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Combustion Applications

1. Explosions:
Detonation: the 2-fluid model
Explosion in an offshore module
Explosion in a baffled enclosure

2. Fire Spread:
Fire in a wind-exposed building
Fire development in aircraft
Fire and smoke in a room
Fire in an underground train
Smoke movement in a multi-storey building
Smoke production

3. Steady Flames:
Secondary combustor for an incinerator
After-burner for an incinerator
After-burner for an incinerator
Tyre-incineration furnace
Methane/air combustion
Free Turbulent diffusion flame
Confined turbulent diffusion flame
Turbulent Bunsen burner; fourteen-fluid model;
extract from a 1996 lecture on MFM
Gas-turbine combustor; multi-fluid model extract from a 1998 lecture on MFM
Confined turbulent diffusion flame; extract from a 1999 model
Rotary kiln for particulate refuse;

4. NOx Formation
NOx & radiation in 2D gas burner