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Advanced library cases with comments and explanations

Here twenty three group-by-group examples of the advanced PLANT library are discussed in full. For those who prefer to learn by copying, the PLANT data-input library contains many more examples.

The examples are :

  • Library case Y601 Time step specification for unsteady problems.
  • Library case Y602: Expanding and contracting grids for PARAB=T.
  • Library case Y603: Adaptive Z-direction step size.
  • Library case Y604: Analytical BFC grids : 2D sample-kit.
  • Library case Y605: Analytical BFC grids : 3D sample-kit.
  • Library case Y606: Gradually corrugated channel.
  • Library case Y607: Combustion chamber with varying absorption.
  • Library case Y608: Alteration of convection fluxes.
  • Library case Y609: Varying properties recirculating flow.
  • Library case Y610: Rain and snow : effect of interphase friction.
  • Library case Y611: Five examples initialization box.
  • Library case Y612: Drilling box: CARTES=T.
  • Library case Y613: Drilling cylinder: CARTES=F.
  • Library case Y614: Drylling BFC domain.
  • Library case Y615: Flow over a block passing through orifice.
  • Library case Y616: Conjugate heat transfer of rotating object.
  • Library case Y617: Unsteady mixing in two paddle-stirred reactor.
  • Library case Y618: Global and local self-steering under-relaxations.
  • Library case Y619: Inlet flux scaling: swirling flow in a chamber.
  • Library case Y620: HEXAGON 2D : SFT analysis of heat exchanger.
  • Library case Y621: Thermal stresses in irregularly-shaped solids.
  • Library case Y622: Thermal expansion of composite solid block.
  • Library case Y623: Multi-fluid model for confined jet mixing.

    In what follows, after you choose the case, the further presentation will be continued in the following manner:

  • First the complete and commented Q1 file will be made, with some remarks of explanation and elaboration.
  • Then the corresponding GROUND codings will be presented as they generated by PLANT.
  • The results will be presented by way of either PHOTON pictures or extractions from result files, when appropriate.