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  1. Hardware platforms
  2. Executable-only or re-compilable
  3. Options
  4. Special-purpose programs
  5. Add-ons
  6. Prices
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1. Hardware platforms

PHOENICS can be supplied and supported on most commonly available computer systems. The software operates, with full functionality, on machines ranging from x86 personal computers, through UNIX workstations, to mainframe, super-computer and parallel-processing machines.

The software licence fee is priced accordingly, with substantial discounts for academic and non-profit research institutions. Low cost multi-user and multiple-copy licences are also available.  

2. Executable only or re-compilable

PHOENICS is available in two basic forms; non-recompilable and recompilable.

The former is suitable for most CFD applications involving standard fluid-flow and heat-transfer analyses. The latter offers a greater degree of flexibility and permits the user to gain access to over 50% of source coding, to inspect, modify or supplement the already extensive range of models built-in to PHOENICS.

This is achieved via FORTRAN coding, or via the unique "PLANT" feature through which formulae may be entered and automatically converted to error-free FORTRAN.

PHOENICS can be provided for a variety of licence periods ranging from the short term (for example, for a two-month project) to fully-paid-up perpetual licence. Most often, the code is licensed either annually or perpetually.

CHAM has developed special-purpose, applications-specific, variants of PHOENICS and supplementary software packages which can be provided in addition to the standard PHOENICS options outlined below.

PHOENICS is contained within its own menu-driven graphical environment for pre- and post-processing and has a number of in-built features which new users find particularly useful including, on-line user documentation, over 1,000 library cases, a tutorial section, an encyclopaedia, a series of passive and active demonstrations, etc, all accessed via POLIS , the PHOENICS On-Line Information System.

The virtual-reality environment, PHOENICS-VR , is now supplied as a standard interface through which users can construct (or import from CAD software), and/or modify their flow problems via an interactive and graphically representative virtual "world".  

3. Options

PHOENICS is supplied with the following optional features:-

4. Special-purpose programs

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The optional special-purpose or supplementary modules include:-
CVD Chemical Vapour Deposition system Add 20%
FLAIR Building Services / HVAC environment Add 20%
HOTBOX Electronics Cooling Simulator Add 20%
CORA3 Furnace / Combustor code p.o.a.
ESTER Electrolytic Smelter analysis Add 20%
HENNA Heat exchanger network systems Add 20%
PISA Piston engine code using KIVA2 p.o.a.
ROSA River Oil Slick Analyser Add 20%

5. Add-ons

The add-ons available with PHOENICS include the following:
CHEMKIN Advanced chemical reaction interface (public domain s/w) f.o.c.
TECPLOT Alternative post-processing s/w (third party) p.o.a.
FEMGV Mesh generation & post-processing s/w (third party) p.o.a.

(p.o.a. = price on application; f.o.c.= free of charge)

As well as having its own inbuilt CAD-to-CFD feature, PHOENICS can also be supplied with interfaces to several other third party CAD software packages and mesh generation software products. A full list is available upon request.

6. Prices

Please contact CHAM for a formal quotation, alternatively contact your local distributor for regional variances and currency quotations.

Simultaneous purchase of multiple-copy licences for 5-seat, 10-seat and 10+ seat systems, costs only 150%, 200% and 250% of the above single-seat fees.

Annual software maintenance fees include the provision of unlimited technical support, by telephone, fax, email, etc, the supply of regular information newsletters, discounted attendance at International User Conferences, and the provision of at least one major software upgrade per year.

Training and Extended Consultancy Support services are available regionally.

7. Request quotation or place order

When making request a quotation or placing an order, please provide full details and send an email to: sales@cham.co.uk.

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