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Document last revised 01/06/20

In addition to the simple example described in chapter 2, the following 10 examples, each of which gives step-by-step instructions, combined with pictures, show how to use various features in FLAIR to set up models, to run the solver and to view the result. These cases are:

Tutorial 1 Investigating library case I203 illustrates how to load a case from the FLAIR library, to investigate the model settings, to run the case and to view the results.

Tutorial 2 A room with two radiators shows how to activate the IMMERSOL radiation model. The 'Duplicate object' function is used for the creation of the second window and radiator. The material of the radiators is selected from the property data base. A fixed heat flux is used as the heat source for the radiators.

Tutorial 3 Comfort indices in a room is similar to tutorial 2, but adds a chair and a sitting person into the room. This tutorial demonstrates how to activate the comfort index option.

Tutorial 4 Fire in a room shows how to use he Fire object for simulating a fire in a room. Smoke movement is also simulated.

Tutorial 5 A room with sunlight describes how to use Shapemaker to create a sunlight object in the model building.

Tutorial 6 A cabinet with a fan illustrates how to use the 'fan working point' option and how to create a fan-data file for the simulation.

Tutorial 7 Flow in a computer room shows how to use 'Group' and 'Arraying objects' features to add the desks and computers. The case also shows how to load a round diffuser from the predefined HVAC object library.

Tutorial 8 Flow over Big Ben demonstrates how to import a CAD file in STL format into the FLAIR VR-Editor to create the geometry. This tutorial also shows how to use a Wind_profile Object to describe the wind profile at the upstream boundary. The 'Paint' object capability in the VR-Viewer is used to draw the pressure contours on the object surface.

Tutorial 9 Fire-spray in a compartment shows how to use the spray-head object and GENTRA module for the simulation of the fire-spray in a compartment. This kind of application of the sprinkler is commonly adopted in a car park for the fire extinction.

Tutorial 10 Fire modelling gives an example of the FIRE object for a typical t2 fire in a simple configuration. It also shows how the operation of jetfans can be controlled by a temperature sensor using InForm.

Tutorial 11 Fire modelling - Car fire in a tunnel gives an example of the FIRE object for a typical car fire in a simple tunnel configuration.