PHOENICS Documentation: TR 000

The documentation supplied with PHOENICS consists of:

PHOENICS Overview; TR 001 html  
What's New in PHOENICS; TR 006 html  
Release Notes for PHOENICS; TR 327 html  
In-Form; TR 003 html Pdf
Material properties in PHOENICS; TR 004 html  
Starting with PHOENICS-VR; TR 324 html Pdf
The PHOENICS-VR reference guide; TR 326 html Pdf
Installation of PHOENICS; TR 110 html Pdf


All these documents are available as part of POLIS, the PHOENICS On-Line Information System, which is supplied with every installation of PHOENICS; and each contains hyper-links to further text and image files.

Other documents which describe Special-Purpose versions of PHOENICS are:

FLAIR User Guide; TR 313 html Pdf
CVD User Guide; TR 314 html Pdf
GENTRA User Guide; TR 211 html Pdf



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The Spring Edition, will be circulated in the near future. The Summer Edition is in progress. If you would like to contribute please send articles (in word format only) to
Thank you.


ACFDA, CHAM's Agent in North America has submitted a paper and presentation for the 2014 ASSE_MEC Conference. These give a brief review of recent validated PHOENICS CFD models applied for risk and safety assessments (flammable gas release and dispersion , atmospheric pollutant dispersion and two-phase plumes from cooling towers and other industrial installations).


These materials show the PHOENICS modeling capabilities and underline the beneficial use of CFD in risk and safety analyses. More information on the models and training/consulting options can be obtained by contacting