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PHOENICS Validation Examples

This section accesses the Application Album entries that have been used to validate PHOENICS by comparison with experimental results or, in some cases, reliable theoretical analyses.

For convenience, the entries have been divided according to the broad type of flow simulated.

Laminar Flows
Turbulent Flows
Compressible, 2-phase, free-surface
Non-Newtonian flows
Heat transfer and combustion

Validation examples: Laminar flows

Laminar flow in a symmetrical enlargement; IAHR test case
Laminar flow over a cyinder in cross-flow, with vortex shedding

Validation examples: Turbulent flows

Flow around an automobile
Ground effect on vertical-take-off aircraft
Turbulent transport in a rotating pipe
Up-flow in a vertical pipe
Buoyancy-driven cavity flow
Impinging jet with heat transfer
Chen-Kim example: Furnace model
Canister exit of missile
High-altitude test facility

Validation Examples: Compressible and other flows

1. Compressible Flows
Steam turbine cascade
High pressure steam turbine valve
Underexpanded free jet
2-D nozzleless rocket motor
Rocket exhaust flows

2. Two-Phase Flows
Flow in a bubble-stirred ladle
Bubbly two-phase flow in a pipe
Steady flow in a bubble-column
Transient flow in a bubble-column

3. Free Surfaces
ROSA example: Oil discharge

4. Non-Newtonian Flows
Non-Newtonian flow around an obstacle
Flows of different fluids
Turbulent Pipe Flow of Bingham Plastics
Turbulent Pipe Flow of Power-Law Fluids
Laminar Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Concentric Annuli
Turbulent Concentric Annular Flow of Power-Law Fluids
Laminar Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Eccentric Annuli

Validation Examples: Heat transfer and combustion

Applications Album entries including validation of heat transfer and combustion models models
Fire development in aircraft
Fuel rod temperature
Steam generator performance
Free turbulent diffusion flame
Confined turbulent diffusion flame