PHOENICS User Conference 2000 Proceedings


Contents List in Alphabetical Order
(unless otherwise noted, all files are in Word97 format)

  1. ACFDA
    Modelling of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows in Vertical Pipes using PHOENICS
    Vladimir Agranat, Masahiro Kawaji, and Albert Chan

  2. Arcofluid 1
    Numerical Modeling of Physical Vapor Transport of I2 in Horizontal Cylinders
    Jalil Ouazzani and Franz Rosenberger

  3. Arcofluid 2
    Numerical Simulations of PVT of I2 in C4F8 in Inert Gas in Cylindrical Ampoules - Numerical and Experimental Comparisons
    Jalil Ouazzani and Franz Rosenberger

  4. Auckland Univ 1 (Paper)
    Auckland Univ 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Diffuser Development for a Diffuser-Augmented Wind Turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics
    D.G. Phillips, P.J. Richards, and R.G.J. Flay

  5. Auckland Univ 2 (Paper)
    Auckland Univ 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    The Use of Computational Modelling in a Study of Downwind Sail
    P.J. Richards and G.D.Mallinson

  6. Ben Gurion Univ (Paper)
    Ben Gurion Univ (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Mass Transfer to Sphere and Hemisphere Electrodes by an Impinging Jet
    Eiran Kochavi, Yoram Oren, Abraham Tamir, and Tuvia Kravchik

  7. CFE
    Numerical Simulations of Flow and Salinity Distributions In Öresund
    Urban Svensson, Jonny Svensson and Sture Lindahl

  8. Chemtech 1 (Paper)
    Chemtech 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Dispersion of Contaminants in the Ocean
    André Luiz da Fonseca Fadel, João Tornovsky and Flávio Martins de Queiroz Guimarães

  9. Chemtech 2 (Paper)
    Chemtech 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Development of an Application Oriented Interface for PHOENICS
    Ricardo Serfaty, João Tornovsky, Bruno de Almeida Barbabela, Flávio Martins de Queiroz Guimarães and Luiz Eduardo Ganem Rubião

  10. Cuidad Madrid Univ (PDF)
    Numerical Simulation of Free Surface Flows in Die Casting Injection Processes
    P Gomez, J Hernandez, J Lopez, F Faura

  11. DERA 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    The "Virtual Manikin" Project
    Andy Buxton, Adrian Huggins, David Glynn

  12. DERA 2 (Paper)
    DERA 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    PHOENICS Predictions of Large Amplitude Internal Waves in the Ocean
    R P Hornby and R J Small

  13. DNST (Paper)
    DNST (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Calculation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Flows using PHOENICS 3.1
    A C Thompson and C M Hodge

  14. ENIT (Paper)
    ENIT (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model coupled with Depth-Averaged Two-Dimensional Model: Case of the Madjerda-Cap-Bon Water Intake
    Zouhaier Hafsia et Khlifa Maalel

  15. Flowsolve 1 (Paper)
    Flowsolve 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Reservoir Design Improvement Using CFD
    David Glynn and Andrew Shilton

  16. Flowsolve 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Air Flow Analysis in Pharmaceutical "Clean Rooms"
    Patrick Phelps and Richard Rowe

  17. Flowsolve 3 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Ventilation and Dispersion in CCGT Enclosures
    Patrick Phelps and Douglas Wylie

  18. Greenwich Univ
    Thermocapillary and Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in Modelling the Thermodynamics of Stationary Welding Processes
    Michael Hughes, Gareth Taylor and Koulis Pericleous

  19. Hyundai
    Prediction of the Ventilation Performance in a Kitchen with Various Locations of Gas Range and Window
    Myoung-Sig Park and Dae-Woo Lee

  20. Korea Power
    Enhancement of the Cooling Performance in a Mobile Personal Computer
    Hong-Koo Noh and Seok-Hwan Moon

  21. LITEC (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Modelling the Convective Zone of a Utility Boiler
    Norberto Fueyo and Antonio Gomez

  22. Lloyds Register (Paper)
    Lloyds Register (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Method for the Three-Dimensional Modelling of a Mixed Flow Pump using PHOENICS
    Dejan Radosavljevic

  23. Malaysia Univ
    The Split of Horizontal Two-Phase Flow at a T- Junction – CFD Study
    Amir Al-Wazzan

  24. Mefos (Paper)
    Mefos (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Investigation on the Convection Pattern of Liquid Steel in the Continuous Casting Tundish by Theoretical Analysis, Water Model Experiment and CFD Simulation
    D Y Sheng and Lage Jonsson

  25. MFRDC (PowerPoint Presentation)
    MIGAL for PHOENICS-3.3
    Michel Ferry

  26. Mokpo Univ
    Finite Element Modelling of GMA Welding Processes
    Ill-Soo Kim, Young-Jae Jung, Joon-Sik Son and Chung-Eun Park

  27. MPEI 1
    Hydrodynamic and heat & mass transfer calculation in the plate salvaging heat exchanger with the transfer part of the heat-transfer agent
    E.Sergievsky and E.Ovchinnicov

  28. NRC 1 (Paper)
    NRC 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Towards a Virtual Reality prototype for Fuel Cells
    Steven Beale, Ron Jerome, Anne Ginolin, Martin Perry and Dave Ghosh

  29. NRC 2 (Paper)
    Single and Multi-Phase Granular Flow
    Reda Djebbar, Steven Beale and Mohamed Sayed

  30. NRC 3 (Paper)
    Calculations of Thermal And Electrical Distributions in Silicon Microstructures
    Steven Beale, Reda Djebbar and M Post

  31. Ryukoku Univ
    CFD Calculation for Two-Phase Flow in Concentric Annulus with Rotating Inner Cylinder
    Yoichi Shiomi, Shigeyasu Nakanishi and Hiroaki Kutsuna

  32. S&C Thermofluids 1 (Paper)
    S&C Thermofluids 1 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    CFD Modelling of Pressure Drop and Flow Distribution in Packed Bed Filters
    Kate Taylor, Anthony Smith, Stuart Ross and Martin Smith

  33. S&C Thermofluids 2 (Paper)
    S&C Thermofluids 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Modelling of Two Phase Rocket Exhaust Plumes and other Plume prediction Developments
    Kate Taylor and Anthony Smith

  34. Tokyo Gas (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Development of End User Computing System for HVAC
    O Yoshida and M Andou

  35. University of Wales (PDF)
    University of Wales (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Finite Element Radiative and Conductive Module for use with PHOENICS
    N Lavery, S Brown J Spittle, L Haywood and S Rooks

  36. VAW Aluminium Technologie
    VAW Aluminium Technologie (PDF)
    PHOENICS´ Applications in the Aluminium Smelting Industry
    C H Droste

  37. Vortex De Mexico 1
    Assessment of the Performance of an Hypolimnetic Aerator Employing a Water Quality Model
    Arturo Palacio, Alejandro Rodruigez and Laura Martinez

  38. Vortex De Mexico 2 (Paper)
    Vortex De Mexico 2 (PowerPoint Presentation)
    Ventilation System design for a Roadway Tunnel in Acapulco, México
    Alejandro Rodruigez, Arturo Palacio and Andrés Aramayo