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PHOENICS 10th International User Conference

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18 High Street GLEN IRIS Vic 3146


Conference Papers

  1. Al-Khalidy (PDF)
    Al-Khalidy (Presentation)
    CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flows and Pollutant Dispersion Around Groups of Buildings
    N Al-Khalidy, Vipac Engineers, NSW, Australia

  2. Crowther (PDF)
    Crowther (Presentation)
    Analysis of Numerically Modelled Local Concentration Gradients in Street Canyons: Implications for Air Quality Monitoring
    JM Crowther, School of the Built and Natural Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
    D Mumovic, The Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London, UK
    Z Stevanovic, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia

  3. Fueyo (PDF)
    Fueyo (Presentation)
    Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow Past a Square Cylinder
    N Fueyo, Area de Mecanica de Fluidos, Centro Politecnico Superior, LITEC, Spain
    JS Ochoa, Corresponding Author

  4. Fujino (PDF)
    Fujino (Presentation)
    Simulation of Air-cooling for Gear Unit in Pump and Turbine Generator Systems
    M Fujino, Information Technology Center, Nippon Institute of Technology, Japan
    T Sakamoto, Dept Industrial Machinery Division, Hitachi Industries Co Ltd, Japan

  5. Jal_Environmental (PDF)
    Jal_Environmental (Presentation)
    Applying CFD to Environmental Flows
    EN Jal, Connell Wagner Pty Ltd, Australia

  6. Vistnes (PDF)
    Vistnes (PDF)
    Validation of PHOENICS 3.5 for Modelling Tunnel Ventilation Systems under Fire Conditions
    J Vistnes, Stephen Grubbits & Associates, Australia

  7. Guimaraes Distillation (PDF)
    Guimaraes_Distillation (Presentation)
    Optimization of Heat Transfer Zones in Distillation Columns
    B Barbabela and F Guimaraes, CHEMTECH, Brazil
    S Waintraub and G Torres, Petrobras, Brazil

  8. Q Wang (PDF)
    Q Wang (Presentation)
    CFD Application of PHOENICS on Building Environment and Fire Safety Design
    Q Wang, K Ma and M Lundqvist, Ove Arup Pty Ltd Sydney, Australia

  9. Jal Sports Stadia (PDF)
    Jal_Sports Stadia (Presentation)
    Using CFD for Sports Arena and Stadia Design
    EN Jal, Connell Wagner Pty Ltd Victoria, Australia

  10. Palacio (PDF)
    Palacio (Presentation)
    Application of the ASAP Technique in the Geophysical and Industrial Scales: a Comparison with BFC
    A Palacio, A Rodriguez, E Lombard, M Salinasand and W Vicente, Engineering Institute of the UNAM, Mexico

  11. Suzuki (PDF)
    Suzuki (Presentation)
    High Viscous Flow in Silk Spinneret
    T Asakura and A Ino Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
    T Suzuki, CHAM, Japan

  12. Phelps (PDF)
    Phelps (Presentation)
    Predicting the Dispersion Consequences of Gaseous Releases from a Research Facility in an Urban Environment
    PJ Phelps and J Gibson, Flowsolve, UK

  13. Komarov (PDF)
    Komarov (Presentation)
    Simulation of Sintering of Iron Ore Bed with Variable Porosity
    SV Komarov and E Kasai, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials Tohoku University, Japan

  14. Guimaraes_Tundish (PDF)
    Guimaraes_Tundish (Presentation)
    Understanding the Steel Solidification in Tundish Nozzles
    C Fontes and F Guimaraes, CHEMTECH, Brazil
    H Furtado and S Santos, CST, Brazil

  15. Smith (PDF)
    Smith (Presentataion)
    Prediction of Flow and Mass Transfer in Canister Filters
    AG Smith and K Taylor, S&C Thermofluids, UK
    MW.Smith, DSTL, Porton Down, UK

  16. Toften (PDF)
    Toften (Presentation)
    PHOENICS in Safety Analyses of Offshore and Underground Constructions
    T Toften and B Venås, LM Flow Consult, Norway

  17. Partha Sarathy (PDF)
    Partha Sarathy (Presentation)
    Thermal Hydraulic Studies for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor using PHOENICS
    U Partha Sarathy, K Velusamy, P Selvaraj, P Chellapandi, S C Chetal and SB Bhoje, Indira Ghandi Centre for Atomic Research, India

  18. Kumar (PDF)
    Kumar (Presentation)
    CFD Analysis of Cross Flow Air-to-Air Tube Type Heat Exchangers
    V Kumar, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune University, India
    D Gangacharyulu, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala, India
    PMS Rao, iNanyang Technological University, Singapore
    RS Barve, Crompton Greaves Ltd, Mumbai, India

  19. Supplementary Papers

  20. Beale (Presentation)
    Fuel Cell Stack Model Based on Multiply Shared Space Method
    B Beale, National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada
    S Zhubrin, Flowsolve Ltd, London, UK

  21. Agranat_1 (PDF)
    CFD Modeling of Hydrogen Releases and Dispersion in Hydrogen Energy Station
    V Agranat, Z Cheng and A Tchouvelev, Stuart Energy Systems Corporation, Canada

  22. Agranat_2 (PDF)
    CFD Modeling of Gas-Liquid Flows in Water Electrolysis Units
    V Agranat and A Tchouvelev, Stuart Energy Systems Corporation, Canada

  23. Khalatov (PDF)
    CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer over a Surface Groove
    GV Kovalenko, A Khalatov and SG Kobzar, Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

  24. Lianzha (PDF)
    Lianzha (Presentation)
    Fluid Field Analysis of High Pressure Throttle Valve and its Structure Improvement
    L Zhanghua, Southwest Petroleum Institute, PR China
    G Jianwen and L Yuanyang, Engineering Technology Service Co, Tarim, PR China

  25. HQTang (PDF)
    Numerical Simulation for Coal Carbonization Analysis for Coke Oven Charge using PHOENICS
    H Tang and Z Guo, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, PR China
    X Guo, School of Metallurgy and Ecology, University of Science & Technology, Beijing, PR China

  26. Yunlong Liu (PDF)
    Yunlong Liu (Presentation)
    Evaluation of PHOENICS CFD Fire Model Against Room Corner Fire Experiments
    Y Liu and V Apte, CSIRO, NSW Australia

  27. Ludwig (Presentation)
    Some New Features of PHOENICS-3.6
    J Ludwig, CHAM Ltd, London, UK

  28. Ludwig(Presentation)
    Some New Features of FLAIR-3.6
    J Ludwig, CHAM Ltd, London, UK