PUC 2002 Proceedings - Contents List in Alphabetical Order

(unless otherwise noted, all files are in Word97 format)

  1. Anglo-American Uni of Cairo (ppt)
    Modeling Performance of WECS Installed in Residential Towers
    A Serag-Eldin - Anglo-American University in Cairo

  2. Arcofluid   Arcofluid (ppt)
    Evaporation of Liquid Chlorides in Closed Vessels using the PHOENICS Code
    O Prat - Qualiflow, Montpelier, J Ouazzani - ARCOFLUID, O Briot - University of Montpelier

  3. CHAM 1 (htm)
    Simultaneous Prediction of Solid Stress, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow by a Single Algorithm
    B Spalding - CHAM

  4. CHAM 2 (htm)
    COSP: Constant Optimising Software Package
    J Wu - CHAM

  5. CHEMTECH 1 (pdf)   CHEMTECH 1 (ppt)   CHEMTECH 1 (dat)
    Shear Stress Analysis in a Rotator-Stator System
    A Barquette, B Barbabela, F Guimaraes - CHEMTECH/PETROBRAS

  6. CHEMTECH 2 (ppt)
    Industrial Furnace Troubleshooting with PHOENICS
    A Barquette, B Barbabela, F Guimaraes - CHEMTECH/PETROBRAS

  7. CHEMTECH 3 (pdf)   CHEMTECH 3 (ppt)
    Optimum Design of an Inertization System in the Metallurgy Industry
    A Barquette, B Barbabela, F Guimaraes - CHEMTECH / CST

  8. ENEA  ENEA (ppt)
    A PHOENICS Simulation of Fire Spread and Radiative Effects in Longditudinal Ventilation Tunnels: Application to the Memorial Tunnel
    D Borello, G Giuli, F Rispoli - ENEA-ERG SIREHAB, University of Rome

  9. ENd'I TUNIS     ENd'I TUNIS (ppt)
    Two-Dimensional Free Surface Modelling for a Non-Dimensional Dam-break Problem
    M Haj, S Hafsia, H Chaker, K Maalel - Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tunis

  10. Florida Uni (pdf)
    A Comparative Study of a Simple Building Type Situated in Three Varying Conditions within a Single Exposure Category
    M Kuenstle, University of Florida

  11. Flowsolve 1
    Some Unexpected Predictions of Ventilation in a Large Atrium
    D Glynn - Flowsolve

  12. Flowsolve 2 (ppt)
    Using CFD in the Design of the Ventilation System in a Test Facility for Industrial Chillers
    P Phelps - Flowsolve

  13. Glacialtech   Glacialtech (ppt)
    Geometry Parameters Analysis of CPU Heat Sink
    Y Wang - Glacialtech

  14. Glasgow Caledonian Uni  Glasgow Caledonian Uni (ppt)
    Numerical Prediction of Dispersion Characteristcs of Air Pollutants in Idealised Urban Street Canyons
    D Mumovic, J Crowther - Glasgow Caledonian University

  15. Hertfordshire Uni  Hertfordshire Uni (ppt)
    Two-phase Flow Modelling for Industrial Applications
    A Holdo, R Calay - Hertfordshire University

  16. Kazan State TU 1  Kazan State TU 1 (ppt)
    Three-Dimensional Computations of Gravitational Separation of Two-Phase Systems
    R Takhaviutdinov, M Farakhov, A Altapov, Kazan State Technological University

  17. LITEC 1
    Hydrodynamic and Chemical Modelling of a Flue-Gas Desulpherisation Plant
    N Fueyo - LITEC

  18. LITEC 2 (pdf)
    Inverse Problem Solving using Genetic Algorithms
    N Fueyo - LITEC

  19. Liverpool Uni
    Computer Simulation of High Pressure Plasmas
    M Fang, J Yan, J Zhang, V Liu, C Dixon - University of Liverpool

  20. MBSTU
    2D Shell-side Flow Modelling in a Spiral Flow Heat-exchanger
    K Olesevich, M Osipov - MBSTU n a Bauman

  21. MEFOS
    Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Raceway Behaviour in a Blast Furnace
    D Sheng, J Wikstrom - MEFOS

  22. MFRDC (pdf)
    New Features of MIGAL Solver
    M Ferry - MFRDC

  23. MPEI
    Local Parameters of Longditudinal Fins Heat Sink Heating from below Surface
    E Sergievsky, E Krinitsky, V Travkin, MPEI

  24. MSISA
    Simulation of Atmospheric Turbulent Airflow within and above Roughness Layer
    B Mastryukov, A Ivanov, MSISA

  25. Nippon Inst of Tech
    CFD Simulation of Flow around a Square Prism Controlled by a Rod Set Upstream
    M Fujino - Nippon Institute of Technology

  26. Nis Uni
    Numerical Simulation of Tube Bundle Friction and Heat Transfer in a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
    G Ilic, M Vukic - University of Nis

  27. NNC  NNC (ppt)
    A CFD Model of the AGR HOTBOX
    G Hulme - NNC

  28. North Carolina State Uni
    Modelling of Drinking Water UV Disinfection Reactors using PHOENICS: Comparison between Eulerian and Lagrangian Approach
    J Ducoste - North Carolina State University

  29. NRC  NRC (pdf)  NRC (ppt)
    Numerical Studies of the Thermo-Electrochemical Performance of Fuel Cells
    S Beale - NRC, S Zhubrin - CHAM, W Dong - Global Thermoelectric

  30. Oulu Uni  Oulu Uni (ppt)
    Different Methods obtained by PHOENICS Simulation to improve the Performance of Pusher-Type Steel Slab Reheating Furnace
    Y Tang, J Laine, T Fabritus, J Harkki - Oulu University

  31. S&C Thermofluids 1   S&C Thermofluids 1 (ppt)
    The Problem of Exhaust Plume Radiation during the Launch Phase of a Spacecraft
    A Smith - S&C Thermofluids, A Cretella - Fiat Avio

  32. S&C Thermofluids 2   S&C Thermofluids 2 (ppt)
    An Automated Optimisation Technique for Rocket Motor Nozzle Design based on PHOENICS Flowfield Solution
    A Smith - S&C Thermofluids

  33. Scetaroute   Scetaroute (ppt)
    Numerical Simulation of Fire in the Underground Parking of Annecy City Hall using the PHOENICS Code
    H Biollay, E Casale - SCETAROUTE, J Ouazzani - ARCOFLUID

  34. SSC 1
    Temperature Distribution into Room of Bearing-wall Building in Russian Winter
    A Ginevsky, V Konuhov - SSC

  35. SSC 2
    Parameters of Heat Exchange in Monodisperse Droplet Stream
    A Ginevsky, V Konuhov - SSC

  36. Southwest Petroleum Inst
    Computer Simulation of Bottom-Hole Fluid Field of Reverse Circulation Bit
    Z Lian, Y Meng, B Tang, G Liu - Southwest Petroleum Institute, Nanchong

  37. Sultan Qaboos Uni   Sultan Qaboos Uni (ppt)
    Numerical Study of Bottom Water Draw-off in Stratified Oil-Water Pipe Flow using 2-Fluid Model
    Y Zurigat, B Jubran - Sultan Qaboos University

  38. Toronto Uni
    CFD Modelling of Fully-Developed Turbulent Flows of Power-Law Fluids
    V Agranat - University of Toronto

  39. TU Vilnius TU Vilnius Q1
    Two-Phase Numerical Model of Heat Transfer in a Natural Basin
    P Vaitekunas, Vilnius Technical University

  40. Ukraine Academy of Sciences
    Application of PHOENICS-3.3 Software in Prediction of One- and Two-Phase Swirl Flows
    A Khalatov, S Kobzar, G Kovalenko - National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

  41. UNED (pdf)
    Simulation of Free-Surface and Interfacial Flows using a Level Set Method
    P Gomez, J Hernandez - UNED, J Lopez, G Faura - ETSII

  42. Vector
    Power Prediction and Siting - when the Terrain gets Rough
    A Gravdahl, S Rorgemoen - Vector AS

  43. VINCA  VINCA (ppt)
    Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Natural Convection in a Two-Dimensional Vertical Thin Enclosure
    Z Stevanovic - Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences

  44. Vortex De Mexico 1
    A Simplified Model for Estimating Destillate Yield in Large Solar Stills
    A Palacio, A Rodriguez, I Millan - Vortex De Mexico

  45. Vortex De Mexico 2
    Numerical Simulation for Oil-Water Flow in Pipelines using a Multi-Dimensional Model for 2-Phase Flow
    Y Fairuzov, A Palacio, A Rodriguez, W Vicente - Vortex de Mexico

  46. Zeta Dynamics 1  Zeta Dynamics 1 (ppt)
    The Utilisation of Taguchi Methods for the Reduction of CFD Computing Time
    D Connolly - Zeta Dynamics

  47. Zeta Dynamics 2  Zeta Dynamics 2 (pdf)
    The Integration of AutoCAD into the PHOENICS Model Generation Process
    D Connolly - Zeta Dynamics