PHOENICS Benelux User Meeting


24th May 2005 held at




Hosted by


Advanced Thermal Transfer Equipment

Vlasven 14, KM 5645 Eindhoven, NL


Presentation CD


Table of Contents



1    Y Yang Delft University (PPS)

      Simulation of High Temperature Raw Materials Processing using CFD

      Y Yang Delft University (Avi)

      Impeller Animation

Y Yang, Delft University


2        M van Uffelen Adviesburo Peutz (Doc)

M van Uffelen Adviesburo Peutz (PPS)

Dynamic Building Thermal Simulations with a Dedicated Version of PHOENICS-3.5

M van Uffelen,Adviesburo Peutz BV


3    G Janssen, A2TE (PPS)

      Designing Equipment by using CFD Benefits and Pitfalls

G Janssen, A2TE


4    P Phelps, Flowsolve (PPS)

      Modelling Discharges from Rooftop Stacks in Confined Environments

P Phelps, Flowsolve Ltd


5    H Mindt, a-CFD (PDF)

      H Mindt, a-CFD (PPS)

From GIS to CFD, a CAD Solution for Data Transfer between GIS and CFD

H W Mindt, a-CFD GmbH


6    J Agema, York Novenco (PPS)

      Modelling Car Park Fires

      J Agema, York Novenco (PPS)

      Car Park Animation

J Agema, York Novenco BV


7    J Ludwig, CHAM (PPS)

      Overview of PHOENICS-3.6.1

J Ludwig, CHAM Ltd


8    J Ludwig, CHAM (PPS)

      Improvements to FLAIR

J Ludwig, CHAM Ltd







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