PHOENICS European User Meeting

30th November to 1st December 2006


Held at:

Queen Elizabeth Room
Cannizaro House
West Side
Wimbledon Common
London, SW19 4UE, UK

Cannizaro House

Hosted by:


CHAM Limited
Bakery House
40 High Street
Wimbledon Village
London SW19 5AU, UK


Attendees of user meeting
Part of our group; taken on Day 1
(Sorry to those of you that missed inclusion)

    Table of Contents in Order of Presentation

  1. GCAL (PowerPoint)
    The Application of CFD to the Estimation of Motor Vehicle Pollution in Urban Environments
    Prof J Crowther, Glasgow Caledonian University,UK
  2. Arcofluid (PowerPoint)
    Modelling Accidental Industrial Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Releases with PHOENICS Two-Phase IPSA Algorithm
    Mr J Ouazzani, ARCOFLUID / INERIS, France
  3. Hertfordshire University (Powerpoint)
    CFD Modelling of Gas-Freeing of VLCC's
    Mr K Chow, Hertfordshire University, UK
  4. CHAM (PowerPoint)
    HVAC of a Building subject to Winter & Summer Conditions
    Dr J Ludwig, CHAM, UK
  5. HevaComp (Product Description Only)
    HevaComp to PHOENICS Link used in Building Services Applications
    Mr P Demetriou, HevaComp, UK
  6. ENIT 1 (PowerPoint)
    ENIT 1 (PDF)
    Second Order Modelling of Compound Open Channel Flows
    Prof Z Hafsia, ENI, Tunisia
  7. Greenwich University (PowerPoint)
    Experience using a CFD Code for Estimating the Noise generated by Gusts along the Sun-roof of a Car
    Mr K Lai, Greenwich University, UK
  8. Vortex de Mexico (PowerPoint)
    Hydraulic Analogy for Compressible Flow
    Dr A Palacio, Vortex de Mexico, Mexico
  9. DSTL (PowerPoint)
    DSTL (PDF)
    Some Underwater Applications of PHOENICS at the DSTL
    Dr R Hornby, DSTL, UK
  10. TU Vilnius 1 (PowerPoint)
    TU Vilnius 1 (PDF)
    Simulation of Convective-Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer in a Cooling Basin
    Prof P Vaitiekunas, TU Vilnius, Lithuania
  11. Brighton University (PowerPoint)
    A Mathematical Model of Steady-State Cavitation in Diesel Injectors
    Dr S Martynov, Brighton University, UK
  12. ENIT 2 (PDF)
    Predicting the Appearance of Cavitation in Pumps with a Numerical Approach
    Prof R Zgolli, ENI, Tunisia
  13. Corsica University (PowerPoint)
    Corsica University (PDF)
    Set up of Radiative Cooled Dew Condensers by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    Mr O Clus, Corsica University, France
  14. Liverpool University (PowerPoint)
    PHOENICS-based Arc Models as a Test Tool for New Design Ideas in Switching Devices
    Dr J Yan, Liverpool University, UK
  15. PHOENICS Focus - PHOENICS Today 1 (PowerPoint)
    Overview of PHOENICS-3.6.2 [2006]
    Dr J Ludwig, CHAM UK
  16. PHOENICS Focus - PHOENICS Today 2 (PowerPoint)
    Prof B Spalding, CHAM UK
  17. Flowsolve 1
    A CFD Study of Ventilation in the Blizard Building, Queen Mary, London
    Dr D Glynn, Flowsolve, UK
  18. Heriot-Watt University (PowerPoint)
    Modelling Sheltering Effects of Windbreaks in Open Spaces
    Dr F Wang, Heriot-Watt & Glasgow Universities, UK
  19. Alpha-PI (PowerPoint)
    Alpha-PI (Description Doc)
    Optimisation of Air Distribution for the "Théâtre National de Belgique"
    Mr A DeWindt, Alpha PI, Belgium
  20. Novenco (PowerPoint)
    Modelling Smoke and Temperature Spread from Car Park Fires
    Mr J Agema, Novenco BV, The Netherlands
  21. TU Vilnius 2 (Doc) (Not Presented - Abstract Only)
    Numerical Modelling of Heavy Metal Sorption Isotherms Calculation
    Prof D Paliulis, TU Vilnius, Lithuania
  22. ENIT 3 (PowerPoint)
    ENIT 3 (PDF)
    Numerical Simulations of a Passive Scalar Transport in a Jet Flow
    Prof Z Hafsia, ENI, Tunisia
  23. MEFOS (PowerPoint)
    Applied CFD in the Metallurgical Industry
    Mr J Alexis, MEFOS, Sweden
  24. S&C ThermoFluids (PowerPoint)
    CFD Modelling of Adsorption in Carbon Filters
    Ms E Neininger, S&C Thermofluids, UK
  25. PHOENICS Focus - PHOENICS Tomorrow (PowerPoint)
    Solid Stress
    Transfer Objects
    Prof B Spalding, CHAM, UK
  26. Presentations Withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances

  27. DEWI (PDF) (CHAM Case Study Equivalent)
    Wind Energy Simulations
    Mr V Riedel, DEWI, Germany
  28. Flowsolve 2 (PDF)
    Discrete Reaction Model for Sooting Flames
    Dr S Zhubrin, Flowsolve, UK
  29. HydroEnergy (PDF)
    An Integrated Gas-Liquid Flow Analyser and its Application to Performance Predictions in Water Electrolysis
    Dr S Zhubrin, HydroEnergy, Canada
  30. IET (PowerPoint)
    Thermogasdynamics and Ecological Characteristics of a Boiler Combustion Chamber Using Natural Gas
    Prof A Khalatov, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
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