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Are you passionate about, and do you have in-depth experience of, CFD? Do you enjoy a challenge? Would you like a change? Would you like to create a, new, position and develop it? CHAM (Concentration Heat and Momentum Limited) has an opportunity for an Engineer with a passion for CFD and an equal passion for generating business opportunities. If this sounds like you, please read on and consider joining our technical team based in Wimbledon, London ( It is a great place to work.



CHAM is looking for an Engineer who is enthusiastic, experienced, customer- and results-focussed; an Engineer who will bring an additional skill-set to, and collaborate with, our inclusive, technical, team. We are looking for someone with a strong passion for, and knowledge of, CFD; someone who enjoys helping others solve problems using this knowledge within a commercial environment. Someone who is looking for new challenges interacting with new colleagues and sharing knowledge and experiences with new clients.


“Our” Consultancy Engineer will be a quick learner who is positive about the challenge of working in a small company, generating consultancy projects in the current (less than ideal) economic environment, interacting with colleagues in Product Development, User Support, and Marketing; and being exposed to, and involved in, a broad range of technical, sales, and client- facing, activities. We need someone who will manage time and concentrate on revenue generation as well as technical activities.


Whilst the position involves multitasking, the main focus is outward facing and – extremely - pro-active. It involves using PHOENICS and other CHAM products, to generate and undertake Consultancy projects for clients with varied needs who seek expert help to realize and test their ideas and bring viable products to market. Our Engineer will find these clients and create business opportunities.


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If you know CFD you will have heard of Spalding, CHAM, and PHOENICS. PHOENICS is the original general-purpose CFD code created by Professor Brian Spalding, founding father of CFD. It has been developed, tested, validated, and extended over four decades – until 2016 by its originator with his CHAM team. Since then, by that team (John Ludwig & Michael Malin who worked on its inception and younger members). It has the longest CFD history, a large, diverse, international user base, CHAM strives always, using PHOENICS, to enable our commercial, R&D, and academic, clients to respond effectively, efficiently, innovatively, and quickly to problems which fave the world today in environment and engineering and which involve fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, and chemical reaction processes whether they use our software themselves or avail themselves of our Consultancy expertise.


CHAM offers competitive salary and benefits. Applicants (who – to repeat - must have the current legal right to work in the UK without restriction) are invited to send their CV with a cover letter outlining their qualifications, enthusiasm, and suitability for this position, to with the subject heading “Consultancy Engineer Application – (Your Name)”.


CHAM accepts direct applications only and does not process submissions via Agencies.