cgxvirms.htm cC.... File name .... GXVIRMS.HTM ... 201101 FUNCTION VIRMSCO(I) INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/farray' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/grdloc' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/satgrd' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/satear' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/grdear' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/prpcmn' COMMON/GENI/IGF1(2),NXNYST,NDIR,KDUMM,IGF2(4),NFM,IGF3(39), 1 ITEM1,ITEM2,ISPH1,ISPH2,ICON1,ICON2,IPRPS,IGF4(4) 1 /CELPAR/IPHASE,IPROP,IGRND,IFILEP,KPROP C.... Coefficient which appears in the virtual mass forces of the phase c momentum equations when ONEPHS=F: IF(IGRND.EQ.-1) THEN VIRMSCO=PRPRTY ELSEIF(IGRND.EQ.1) THEN C.... Selects Cvm= Const*Rc, where Rc is the volume fraction of the C continuous phase: VIRMSCO= CVMAG*F(L0R+I) ELSEIF(IGRND.EQ.2) THEN C.... Selects Cvm= Const*[1-2.78*min(0.2,Rd)], where Rd is the volume C fraction of the dispersed phase: VIRMSCO= CVMAG*(1.0 - 2.78*AMIN1(0.2,F(L0RD+I))) ENDIF END c----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBROUTINE SLBVRM(IPILOPT,dbgloc) INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/farray' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/grdloc' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/satgrd' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/satear' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/grdear' INCLUDE '/phoenics/d_includ/prpcmn' COMMON /VMSCMN/FL1CON /FLPCMN/IFILP(30) COMMON /CELPAR/IPHASE,IPROP,IGRND,IFILEP,KPROP COMMON/GENI/IGF1(2),NXNYST,NDIR,KDUMM,IGF2(4),NFM,IGF3(21),IPRL, 1 IBTAU,IGF4(16),ITEM1,ITEM2,ISPH1,ISPH2,ICON1,ICON2, 1 IPRPS,IRADX,IRADY,IRADZ,IVFOL COMMON/NAMFN/NAMFUN,NAMSUB LOGICAL dbgloc,SLD,FL1CON CHARACTER*6 NAMFUN,NAMSUB C NAMSUB= 'SLBVRM' if(flag.or.dbgloc) call banner(1,'namsub',201101) IGR= 10 ISC= IPROP-20 C.... Call GROUND for the user set property: IF(IGRND.EQ.0) THEN IF(USEGRD) THEN CALL GROUND ENDIF GO TO 800 ENDIF IF(IGRND.EQ.-1) GO TO 700 CALL PRPADR C.... Set constants and other auxiliary variables: c

virtual mass coeff.

C----------------------------------------------------------------------- C.... Coefficient which appears in the virtual mass forces of the phase C momentum equations when ONEPHS=F. The default is that phase 1 is C the continuous phase (FL1CON=T), unless the user sets CVM to a C negative value, in which case phase 2 is taken as the continuous C phase. cccc CONST(1)= CVMA IF(FL1CON) THEN L0R = L0R1 L0RD= L0R2 ELSE L0R = L0R2 L0RD= L0R1 ENDIF C----------------------------------------------------------------------- C.... Loop over slab to get and set cell properties: 700 IGRND=IPILOPT IF(IPRPS.EQ.0) THEN C.... One material only DO 60 I= 1,NXNYST 60 F(KPROP+I)= VIRMSCO(I) ELSE C.... exclude solids DO 70 I= 1,NXNYST IF(SLD(I)) THEN F(KPROP+I) = TINY ELSE F(KPROP+I) = VIRMSCO(I) ENDIF 70 CONTINUE ENDIF C---------------------------------------------------------------------- C.... Corrections, debug print-out, and other property adjustments: C.... Call GREX to correct a property set above: 800 IF(USEGRX) THEN CALL GREX3 ENDIF C.... Call ALTPRP for an alternative property setting IF(USEALT) THEN CALL ALTPRP ENDIF C.... Call GROUND for the user to correct a property set above IF(USEGRD) THEN IF(IGRND.GT.0) THEN CALL GROUND ENDIF ENDIF NAMSUB= 'slbvms' if(flag.or.dbgloc) call banner(2,namsub,0) END c