New-user panel

You can ignore the top row of buttons for the moment. They appear on every panel so as to assist navigation within the PHOENICS CFD-Software Package.
  Click on a button on the left for:
  • Welcome: providing guidance about how to begin.
  • Quick Start: enabling you to run PHOENICS at once, for the simulation of steady laminar flow around a sphere, which is PHOENICS-Library-case 805. Click here to see results created on an earlier occasion.
  • Slower\nStart: a step-by-step conducted tour of the sphere-simulation problem.
  • Tutorials: The best start, enabling you to learn about PHOENICS systematically.
  • Ready\nto\nrun: a selection of ready-to-run cases from the input-file library, arranged so as to enable you to execute successively:
    * Satellite, for the input of data
    * EARTH, for running the executable, and
    * PHOTON or Viewer, for graphical display of results.
  • CFD\npro & contra: a general lecture about CFD, delivered at a 'Global Education' conference in 2007, which contains warnings about the incomplete reliability of CFD predictions
  • CFD past\npresent & future: a historical review, from a personal point of view, delivered at a conference in St Petersburg on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Academician Alexander Leontiev.

    Notice also the button, which leads to helpful information in the form of:-
    * A phrase-book containing brief explanations of often-used abbreviations or jargon-words.
    * Memory-jogging notes about how to use or terminate the main PHOENICS modules.
    * Advice on how to interpret the RESULT file which is produced by every successful run of the PHOENICS solver, EARTH .