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6. Additional Print-out

It is useful, indeed it is often the reason to perform a simulation, to be able to print-out and to plot reaction rates, rates of production of species, the heat-release rate, and the elemental composition. The print-out is activated as follows:

In addition, the elemental composition is printed at the monitor point whenever the monitor data is printed.

The elemental composition is calculated as follows:

where the summation is over all species k, Ej is the mass composition of element j, Aij is the number of atoms of the element j in the kth species, Yk is the mass fraction of species k, Wj is the molecular mass of element k, and Wk is the molecular mass of species k.

Mole-fractions are computed and printed at completion, and whenever the NPRINT settings etc. indicate that the STOREd dependent variables are to be printed.

The mole-fraction print-out is always generated, and does not require storage of extra variables. However, if desired, the user may STORE the mole fractions for printing in the RESULT file and also for plotting purposes with PHOTON and AUTOPLOT. This facility is activated by setting:

which activates storage and print-out of the mole fraction of the species xx, eg. STORE(MH2) for the SOLVEd hydrogen species H2.

The mole fractions Xi are calculated from:

where W is the mixture molecular mass, and Wi is the molecular mass of species i.