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ShapeMaker Placed Shapes

By default, ShapeMaker creates objects which are non-dimensional. However by use of the "PLACE" menu item, ShapeMaker can create objects of real sizes for further loading into the PHOENICS VR Editor.

Consider, for example, creation of a rectangular pyramid, as follows.

  1. Choose "Cube" shape from the list.
  2. close the "CUBE parameters" dialogue box by pressing
    "Exit" button. ShapeMaker - Viewer image a foursquare pyramid.
  3. Make active the "Placed object parameters" dialogue box from "Edit/Place" menu item.
  4. Reset "X size" value from "Size placed object, meters" group box of controls as 2.0 meters.
  5. Press "Save as .dat file" button for saving and specify the file name for facets .dat file.
After this ShapeMaker-Viewer shows resulting object.

That the VR Editor represented ShapeMaker's shape in correct scale, it should specify the shape sizes in "Object Dialogue Box" dialogue box of VR Editor as identical.

Run PHOENICS VR Editor and add object by loading the saving facets .dat file. If in "Object Dialogue Box" specify XSize, YSize and ZSize values as 1.0 then PHOENICS VR Editor images in real scale.