%PHOENICS%\d_sapps\common\direct\interface.xml tubeflow_test1 %PHOENICS%\d_sapps\tubeflow\input\q1.htm %PHOENICS%\d_sapps\tubeflow\input\favorite.xml %PHOENICS%\d_sapps\tubeflow\docs\descr_en.htm frommenu.htm %PHOENICS%\d_photon\d_win32\phoexe.exe inforout %PHOENICS%\d_sapps\tubeflow\working\ %PHOENICS%\d_sapps\tubeflow\multirun multi.log var renew general flow formulation floform character yes developing_flow full_dev_uniform-tgrad full_dev_uniform-twall geometry circumferential extent, radians xang real yes 3.14159 tube inner diameter, m renew diam real yes 0.05 wall thickness, m renew thck real yes 0.002 tube length, m lng1 real yes 5.0 variables solved solve p1 solp1 logical yes T F solve u1 solu1 logical yes T F solve v1 solv1 logical yes T F solve w1 solw1 logical yes T F solve tem1 solt1 logical yes T F material properties name of fluid in case 089 flname character yes use_specified_properties saturated_water sae_5w-30_engine_oil ethylene_glycol glycerin air ammonia carbon_dioxide carbon_monoxide hydrogen nitrogen oxygen superheated_water_vapour Prandtl number prno real yes 7.0 fluid density, kg/m**3 dnsf real yes 998.23 fluid specific heat, j/(kg*degC) sphf real yes 4181.8 fluid kinematic viscosity, m**2/s nulf real yes 1.006e-6 fluid thermal conductivity, w/(m*degC) cndf real yes sphf*nulf*dnsf/prno fluid thermal expansient coeff. degC**-1 texf real yes 1.18e-4 tube wall density, kg/m**3 dnst real yes 8954.0 tube wall specific heat, j/(kg*degC) spht real yes 383.0 tube wall thermal conductivity, w/(m*degC) cndt real yes 381.0 models turbulence model turb character yes lvel none kemodl gravity gravty logical yes F T xcart-dir gravitational acceleration, m/s**2 gravax real yes 9.81 ycart-dir gravitational acceleration, m/s**2 gravay real yes 0.0 zcart-dir gravitational acceleration, m/s**2 gravaz real yes 0.0 boundary conditions inlet velocity setting winset character yes from_Re from_set_value Reynolds number reno real yes 5000 inlet velocity, m/s wfin character yes 1.0 inlet temperature, degc tfin real yes 80.0 outlet gauge pressure, bar pout real yes 0.0 external temperature section 1, degC tenv1 real yes 20.0 external heat-tr, coeff. sect.1, W/(m**2*degC) envco1 real yes 1.e+4 fouling resistance m**2 degC/W foures real yes 0.0 output how many output sets? howmany integer yes 1 print general prgen logical yes T F grid and geometry prgrge logical yes T F ref props prrepr logical yes T F dimensionless nos. prdino logical yes T F boundary conds. prboco logical yes T F turbulence models prtumo logical yes T F numerical prnum logical yes T F print all? prntall logical yes F T computational grid indicator of polar grid polar logical yes T F circumferential interval no. nxx integer yes 36 radial regions nrgy integer yes 2 interval no. in radial region 1 nrgy1 integer yes 20 interval no. in radial region 2 nrgy2 integer yes 2 number of longitudinal regions nrgz integer yes 1 longitudinal interval no 1 nrgz1 integer yes 50 numerical number of iterations numits integer yes 100 continue run to end toend logical yes T F relaxation factor for longitudinaal velocity relxw1 real yes 0.5 relaxation factor for temperature relxt1 real yes 0.5