RhinoCFD FAQ - General

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RhinoCFD?

RhinoCFD adds the power of computational fluid dynamics to the CAD environment, allowing users of Rhino3d to undertake interactive CFD investigation of their CAD models operating under multitude of flow conditions and all without leaving the Rhinoceros environment.

How do I get started with RhinoCFD?

The RhinoCFD download includes a “quick start guide” which will help you get started with using RhinoCFD. We also have a “RhinoCFD basics” page containing several short videos explaining the fundamentals of CFD simulations and how they apply in RhinoCFD: www.rhinocfd.com/rhinocfd_basics

How do I learn how do use RhinoCFD?

We offer a series of comprehensive video tutorials on website:
www.cham.co.uk/rhinocfd_basics as well as written tutorial available at: www.cham.co.uk/rhinocfd_tuts.
If you are looking to master CFD in a short space of time, book yourself on a training course with us at CHAM: www.rhinocfd.com/training

What does purchasing software support entitle me to?

Purchasing RhinoCFD entitles users to full technical user support, helping setting up your case, running it and extracting the results you’re looking for.

Do you grant any educational discounts?

Yes. Please contact rhinoCFD@cham.co.uk for more information.

I need help with my project, who can I contact?

RhinoCFD is produced and developed by CHAM. CHAM have provided high level CFD consultancy work for over 35 years. Please visit our consultancy page for more details.

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