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Special features of PHOENICS: physical models

Turbulent single-phase flows
Compressible flows
Two-Phase Flows
Free Surfaces
Non-Newtonian flows
Chemical reactions
Heat Transfer

Turbulent single-phase flows

Compressible Flows

Two-phase Flows
Steady flow in a bubble-column
Transient flow in a bubble-column
Up-flow in a vertical pipe
Flow in a bubble-stirred ladle
Cement processing cyclone
Boiling water in a heated duct
Bubbly two-phase flow in a pipe
Oil separation in a circular pipe
Finely divided solid in a tank
Phase distribution in an expansion
2-phase flow in a computer cabinet

Free Surfaces
Shallow-water modelling; case 1
Shallow-water modelling; case 2
Shallow-water modelling; case 3
Water pouring into a bund
Toppling of a container into liquid
Off-set tee-junction; free surface
Sloshing in a tank
Droplet falling into a free surface
Flow consequent on tank rupture
Liquid impact forces on tank wall
Influence of flow rate in a Gas-Lift reactor
Influence of inlet area in a Gas-Lift reactor

Non-Newtonian Flows
Turbulent Pipe Flow of Bingham Plastic
Turbulent Pipe Flow of Power-Law Fluids
Laminar Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Concentric Annuli
Turbulent Concentric Annular Flow of Power-Law Fluids
Laminar Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Eccentric Annuli
Non-Newtonian flow around an obstacle
Flows of different fluids
Xylen flow in a duct

Chemical reactions

1. Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)
Chemical-vapour deposition

2. Combustion
Detonation: the 2-fluid model
MFTC model: Vented explosion
Free turbulent diffusion flame
Confined turbulent diffusion flame
Explosion in an offshore module

Heat Transfer
1. Convection
Cooling of a heated block
Free convection in a horizontal pipe
Flow in a finned pipe
Cooling of a photon/neutron detector
Free convection in an annulus

2. Radiation
annealing furnace
radiant-heater panel
combined radiation and natural convection
direct-fired furnace
compartment fire
combined radiation, conduction and convection
lid-driven flow in radiating cavity
Heat-treatment oven
Radiant heat transfer in a box
Radiation & heat source in a slab
CVD radiation example
Fuel rod temperature

3. Conjugate Heat Transfer
Steam-generator performance
Conduction & radiation in a cube
Fuel rod temperature